I just finished reading a very inspiring and emotional story written by a man who had a devoted Christian father who taught him many helpful things that made a difference in his life.  He invited readers to share the things their fathers had taught them.  I'm sure my story is quite different from most of the responses he received.
I was born during the Great Depression, and was the youngest of six children.  My father left my mother stranded with all six of us to feed and take care of, and with no money.  My mother had never held a job, but with the help of the Lord she managed to work night and day to feed and clothe us, and teach us to look to the Lord for our needs.
My father had taught me several things that have guided my life:
 1.  Never give up.
 2.  Don't run away from your responsibilities.
 3.  Always be dependable.
 4.  Love your children and your mate, and be willing to protect them with your life if necessary.
 5.  Trust in the Lord to provide your needs.
 6.  Set a good example for your children to follow.
 7.  Keep your promises, and be faithful to your vows.
 8.  Teach your children to love the Lord.
 9.  Anything can be accomplished with love.
10.  When God is all we have, He is all we need.
11.  Our Heavenly Father will never leave us nor forsake us.
The Lord has blessed me with a husband who has been the wonderful father to my children that I always longed for.  As I hold and love my husband, my children, and my grandchildren, I am thankful for the love my Heavenly Father has given me, and I am thankful for the lessons He has taught me through the loss of my earthly father.

Betty Jo Mings

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